9/11 Press For Truth

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This movie was created by the families who fought to create The 9/11 Family Steering Commission. The documentary takes you behind the scenes as the US Government investigated themselves regarding the events of 9/11. Many were killed due to their coverups over the health conditions putting rescue workers at risk and forbidding them from wearing helpful equipment to avoid “scaring the public”.  This documentary presents the many-faceted events that led up to, and then scrutinizes, the 9/11 Commission hearings.


Headline: LA Weekly reported Mahmmud Ahmed (Top ISI Official) ordered the transfer of funds from Pakistani banks to Florida, where it was picked up and distributed by Mohammed Atta to the 9/11 hijackers via money orders throughout the United States to sponsor the attacks. The same man who met with Condoleezza Rice on September 10th 2001 is the man who funded the attacks which is why the “money trail” is never talked about as it should be in any majorly financed crime.


DOWNLOAD TORRENT: https://kat.cr/9-11-press-for-truth-2006-divx-ac3-polarbear-t5349269.html


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